José Eduardo: AI at Europeana. Strategies for mitigating bias.

Discover the fusion of culture and cutting-edge AI with José Eduardo, a machine learning engineer from Europeana, at this ‘AI to amplify’ talk! Dive into the transformative world where AI not only preserves but enhances our rich cultural heritage. Learn how Europeana is tackling the challenges of digital curation with innovative AI applications—from breathing new life into low-resolution images to smart watermark detection and duplicate identification. Get to know the strategies that combat bias and ensure diversity and accessibility in the digital realm.


Summary and transcript


Here you will find short excerpts from the talk. They can be used as micro-content, for example as an introduction to discussions or as individual food for thought.

Ideas for further use

  • The talk can be used as a learning resource for students and researchers interested in the intersection of AI and cultural heritage. It can serve as a case study in courses on machine learning, data science, digital humanities, or museum studies.
  • AI professionals and cultural institution staff could use the talk for training purposes, to understand the practical applications of AI in their field and to stay updated on the latest technologies and methodologies for managing digital collections.
  • The talk is suitable for presentation at AI, technology, and cultural heritage conferences, as well as workshops focused on digital transformation in the arts and humanities sectors.
  • For policymakers and funders in the technology and cultural sectors, the talk can inform decisions on supporting projects that leverage AI for cultural preservation and accessibility.


José Eduardo: AI at Europeana. Strategies for mitigating bias. by José Eduardo Cejudo Grano de Oro (Europeana) for: Goethe Institut | AI2Amplify is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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On the left, there is an image of a tree on a snowy, rocky landscape, with light shining in from the background. On the right, there is the same landscape, but it is now reproduced as grey and silver cubes in the shape of a tree and technical terrain, backgrounded by the light.
Linus Zoll & Google DeepMind / Better Images of AI / Generative Image models / Licenced by CC-BY 4.0