Marcelo Torres Llamas: A brief atlas of gender and AI

Explore the dynamic intersection of AI, gender, and technology with this talk by Marcelo Torres Llamas from Laboratoria. Dive into the challenges and solutions for bridging the gender gap in tech, understand the impact of AI on gender issues, and discover why diversity in tech is not just important, but essential. Perfect for tech enthusiasts, gender studies scholars, and everyone in between who seeks to shape a more inclusive digital future. Tune in to gain unique insights and join the conversation on creating a tech world that benefits everyone. 


Summary and transcript


Here you will find short excerpts from the talk. They can be used as micro-content, for example as an introduction to discussions or as individual food for thought.

Ideas for further use

  • The talk can be used in universities and colleges, especially in courses related to gender studies, technology, computer science, and AI. It can provide students with real-world insights into the intersection of these fields and foster discussions on gender diversity in tech.
  • The talk can be offered on online educational platforms or as part of webinar series focusing on AI, gender equality, and tech industry trends.
  • Companies, particularly those in the tech industry, can use the talk as part of their diversity and inclusion training programs. It can help employees understand the importance of gender diversity in technology development and the impact of AI on societal issues.


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