Paola Ricaurte Quijano: AI Ethics for the majority world – the question of violence at scale

Why is AI primarily a question of power? How is AI related to capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy? Who benefits from AI and who suffers from it – and what alternatives are possible? These are some of the questions Paola Ricaurte Quijano reflects on in her talk.


The talk is based on this freely available paper. Some additional resources are the AI Decolonial Manyfesto, the article ‚Artificial Intelligence and the Feminist Decolonial Imagination‚ and the collection ‚Hackfeminist writings for alternative technologies‚.

Summary and transcript


Here you will find short excerpts from the talk. They can be used as micro-content, for example as an introduction to discussions or as individual food for thought.

Ideas for further use

  • The talk is suitable for educational outreach programs. It can be used in workshops and seminars to foster critical thinking about the societal implications of technology among students.
  • Local organizations can organize screenings of the talk to initiate community dialogues on the implications of AI. It provides a platform for communities to voice their concerns and aspirations regarding the role of technology in their lives.
  • The talk is a valuable resource for courses in decolonial studies, critical theory, and feminist perspectives on technology. It can contribute to programs focusing on global studies, postcolonial literature, and indigenous knowledge systems. Scholars and researchers can use the talk as a foundation for academic studies on the intersection of technology and decolonial feminism. It encourages further research into the cultural nuances of AI adoption and its implications on marginalized communities.
  • Non-governmental organizations and cultural institutions can use the talk to understand the cultural dimensions of AI in Latin America. It informs the design of projects that aim to preserve cultural diversity while navigating the challenges posed by technological advancements.
  • Companies in the tech industry can integrate the talk into their corporate social responsibility programs. It helps in educating employees about the cultural implications of AI and encourages responsible and ethical practices in technology development.


Paola Ricaurte Quijano: AI Ethics for the majority world – the question of violence at scale by Paola Ricaurte Quijano for: Goethe Institut | AI2Amplify is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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Landscape shaped image. Four people are outside on a pavement in front of some railings and lush green foliage. Two of them have a white frame superimposed round their heads, showing them being surveilled, perhaps from a drone.
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