Pelonomi Moiloa: Protecting machines from us – lessons from the majority world

Why do AI tools need more specifity than generalization? Is current AI technology sustainable? Should our goal be human-like machines or machines that are useful to humans? These are some of the questions Pelonomi Moreia reflects on in her talk.


Summary and transcript


Here you will find short excerpts from the talk. They can be used as micro-content, for example as an introduction to discussions or as individual food for thought.

Ideas for further use

  • The talk provides valuable insights into the challenges of brain drain and the unequal distribution of talent in the field of AI. This content could be utilized in educational contexts to emphasize the importance of diverse perspectives and the need to foster talent within local communities. It encourages a reevaluation of how tech education can be more inclusive and supportive of global majority contributions.
  • Moiloa’s comparison of mainstream AI models with approaches from the majority world offers a unique global perspective. This content could be integrated into technology and innovation courses to broaden students‘ understanding of technology beyond Western-centric models. It encourages a more comprehensive view of technological development, acknowledging diverse cultural contexts and indigenous ways of knowing.
  • The talk highlights the unsustainable resource consumption of mainstream AI models, providing a basis for discussions on the environmental impact of technology. This content is relevant in courses focusing on sustainable technology and green computing, prompting considerations of how to develop AI in ways that are both socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.
  • Moiloa’s vision of a positive future where technology serves as a tool for collective problem-solving is inspiring. This concept could be integrated into leadership and innovation courses, encouraging a mindset shift towards collaborative and impact-driven technology development. It promotes the idea that technology should be a force for positive change, addressing real-world problems and benefiting communities globally.


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A photographic rendering of a succulent plant seen through a refractive glass grid, overlaid with a diagram of a neural network.
Image by Alan Warburton / © BBC / Better Images of AI / Nature / Licenced by CC-BY 4.0