Tijs Vandemeulebroucke: AI and sustainability – a difficult ethical conundrum

Discover the intriguing intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability in this talk by Tijs Vandemeulebroucke from Sustainable AI Lab. Uncover the ethical dilemmas and environmental impacts associated with AI technology, and explore how AI can both contribute to and challenge our sustainability goals. Join us as Vandemeulebroucke delves into the critical need for responsible AI development, integrating environmental consciousness in tech advancement. This talk is highly-recommended for anyone passionate about shaping a sustainable future with technology.


Summary and transcript


Here you will find short excerpts from the talk. They can be used as micro-content, for example as an introduction to discussions or as individual food for thought.

Ideas for further use

  • The talk can be used in university courses related to environmental studies, computer science, AI, ethics, and sustainability. It provides students with insights into the intersection of technology and environmental ethics, fostering discussions on responsible AI development and use.
  • For government agencies and NGOs focusing on technology, environment, and sustainability, this talk can serve as a resource in workshops. It offers a perspective that can help in drafting policies that integrate AI development with environmental conservation principles.
  • The talk can be used as a resource at conferences where experts discuss the future of AI, sustainability, and their mutual influences. It can stimulate discussions about ethical AI development and the need for policies addressing its environmental impact.


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